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Monday, August 23, 2010

How to make money on the Internet

First suggestion for making money is to Get a Pay Pal account it is FREE. It makes things a lot easier... plus you can get paid by just an email address. Pay Pal is handy for selling and buying on eBay and amazon and other popular sites... with pay pal you can earn extra cash just by posting your email on your site and asking for donations, if the site was helpful. Over the years I have found that selling on EBay is safer than Craiglist. Its easy to sell stuff on Craigslist. I have used that site too for all kinds of stuff.. although craigslist is free, you don't have the securities like Ebay offers. If you are just starting out BEWARE of people telling you they will pay with certified check.... its a big scam! The check is no good, it takes enough time for you to give them the cash they want... before the check bounces. Banks have looked as theses checks and cant tell they are no good until they are already in your account making a big mess.
Tune in to see more on how to make money on the internet!! Thanks a bunch ;) Mindy Jo

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